The Best Laid Plans

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Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart, or better yet–it’s not for those who are sane. Who in their right mind would choose to go through months of life-consuming nausea and vomiting to then go through weeks/months/years of sleep deprivation, diaper changes, endless loads of laundry, etc. etc.?  It’s a good thing that our biology is a lot more deeply ingrained than our egos, because humanity would cease to exist if women really started thinking the whole pregnancy thing through. Or else maybe I’m just one of those lucky gals who get to have all the fun. Seriously, if every woman had the misfortune of feeling the way I do when I’m pregnant, the earth’s population would sharply decline in just a few years’ time. It’s that bad. All of the above is a preamble to my saying, “I have the best excuse ever for not writing about the eight limbs of yoga.”  You may have thought I was dead, because months have passed since I had mentioned I would offer some posts about the path of yoga that extends beyond the postures–but no, I’m not dead.  I’m just pregnant. And I don’t want to vomit all over my husband’s MacBook pro. When the planets align, and I’m no longer feeling like I should’ve cloistered myself in a convent long ago, I’ll get back to those limbs of yoga.  Until then, take deep breaths, and enjoy every second that you don’t feel like you want to puke.  Namaste friends!

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