“What I appreciate most about Lorien’s approach to teaching yoga is her graceful interweaving of modeling, instructing, encouraging, and giving gentle feedback, both verbal and tactile, during the practice.  She epitomizes the essence of yoga — the committed effort to increase flexibility, stamina, and balance while simultaneously achieving lasting relaxation and mind-body peacefulness.” — Tom

“Lorien lives in the world and acknowledges and addresses the many of the struggles her students bring with them to class: busy schedules, monkey minds, behaviors that encourage poor posture, craving for connection and meaning and healing, etc. She has a wonderful sense of humor, empathy, humanity… everything one seeks in a motivating yoga teacher.” — A.J.

” ‘May I touch you?’ These are the words I hear in Lorien’s yoga classes, and when — in her soft, gentle, caring voice — it is I to whom these words are directed, I know that I’m about to receive an indescribable physical enhancement of the posture of the moment, and/or a precise, descriptive, and badly needed correction to my execution of the posture — such as my faulty alignment.  From Lorien’s high level of intelligence (which includes her fluency in the French language) to her intellectual and emotional creativity and sincere dedication to the well being of her students, the words “May I touch you” may be the ultimate characterization — physically and otherwise — of Lorien’s classes.  She does, indeed, “touch” us all.” –Charles

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