Back In The Saddle and Ready To Roll

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More than a year after I published my last post, I have a seven month old baby to show for all of the nausea and vomiting that kept me from being out in the world and doing stuff–like teaching yoga, reaching out to other people, and in general, enjoying the act of being alive.  Things have begun to really settle around my house.  We’re in a rhythm. Aforementioned seven month old has been sleeping through the night since he was seven weeks old.  My two year old takes her afternoon naps, and is a happy and healthy little sprout who keeps all of us on our toes.  Hubby keeps trucking along at work and home, always involved in lots of projects, and sometimes he sits and watches a game of football or baseball on TV. I recently picked up two more yoga classes in addition to the ones I was teaching before baby #2 showed up on the scene.  More teaching seemed like a good idea after discovering that I really like to get out of the house, take a breather among adults for a minute, and then come home refreshed and ready to do more diaper changes, laundry, housecleaning, meal preparation, mothering, you know–real life, every day stuff.


Trikonasana, Triangle Pose

Now that we’ve found our rhythm as a family of four, I’m feeling more ready to reach out again, to be active in the world, to find the balance between mommyhood, marriage, yoga teaching, and everything else.   Maybe I’ll find some time for myself in this mix. I want to attend yoga classes again, maybe get back into rock climbing. I dream about waking up early enough every morning to write in my journal, the way I was able back in the days of bachelorettehood.

And I REALLY REALLY want to move forward with the original goal for this blog, which was apply the ancient principles of yoga and bring some sense to the rigors of day to day life. Because yoga isn’t just for some old dude in a white loin cloth living in a cave in the Himalayas.  I truly believe yoga is for all of us, and it can offer us the wonderful gift of returning to awareness of who were are in this moment.

What a drishti

So young and already very good Drishti

Today was the 422nd consecutive day of my 30 minute daily meditation practice, and if it has taught me anything, here’s what it is:  It takes time to see results, to create change.   Time, and persistence.

I’m going to take a deep breath now, and remember that the tiniest acorn can grow into a magnificent oak tree, if given the time to grow.

Patience Lorien…one breath, one step at a time.


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