Why work with Lucy — Who is she

Why work with Lucy — Who is she

Questions to ask yourself before start working with a technology coach

Need a new or improved business plan? Or better yet, a business map.

Are you too busy to do the things you enjoy?

Are you happy with your online brand?

What’s up with your website? Haven’t edited it in a long time. WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix tutorials for download. (ask me)
Don’t understand why my website isn’t being found in search results. (SEO)
Got an LMS? Do you want to teach your skills and be rewarded with ‘passive income’ (‘learning management system’ for courses, trainings, and workshops publishing platform)

Are you following a ’to-be’ plan or are you suffering under a never-ending ’to-do’ list? Hint: You may be feeling burnout or lackluster performance towards your big picture goals.

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Lucy’s short summary

Artist, entrepreneur, traveler, aspiring millionaire, writer, adventure yoga instructor, and rock climber.

Career highlights…

A conscious entrepreneur who works for the good of the planet through UI/UX, digital marketing, web design, and branding. Lucy has started 5 successful businesses. 25+ years of experience in visual and digital communications. She designs for fortune 500 to medium size companies and is seeking her next community contribution.