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Technology and Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Have you longed to start your own online business but don’t know where to start? Do you hate your website? does your image and design note reflect your sophistication or desired message? Do your photos suffer from a lack of professionalism?

Lucy has started 5 successful companies and has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She has been a life designer since embarking on yoga instruction at her studio, The Santosha School of Yoga in 2007.

It’s more than custom photography for Social Media Marketing, Branding, Digital Newsletters, and Website Content.
Lucy is more than qualified; her many years of experience marketing, launching and promoting her client businesses. Her unique design eye and fun energy will help you get unstuck, define your goals, build habits and make you shine. She is classically trained at the Maryland Institute, College of Art. By using her creative services, you’ll save time and money, yeah, but also it’s going to capture the real you! Let’s plan to brainstorm a perfect location and we’ll meet to travel together for a photoshoot that will give you the marketing and promotional images for your website, Instagram, Facebook and email messaging.

Finally, get your brand polished and add a new logo, headshots as well as gorgeous lifestyle photos. Uplevel your technology skills with Lucy’s patient instruction that’s customized for your needs. Forget struggling with your website posts and email campaigns; she’ll work with you to assist in making marketing fun again and bring a whole new life to your business

How to get over your shyness and discomfort with videography. We’ll make it fun and engaging.

Get your course online and finally published! We’ll guide you on how to start and get past the fears of imposter syndrome or the inner critic holding you back. Set up an online webinar to get new customers and give value-added bonuses to your current clients. Your E-commerce Websites, E-Newsletters, Posters, Catalogs, and Social Media will be something your proud to promote!

Let’s move your goals up a notch by transforming your marketing messages on Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, You-Tube Video and Vimeo. You can brand yourself and feel comfortable in the launch of your next service. Whether you’ve got limiting beliefs, or are just bored with your current image we can help. Check out our YouTube Channel.