App Development and Graphical UI

Hispanic Business TV Channel Graphic Design Photo Editing

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We cater to the the small establishments, as well as educational and government institutions.  Our team of designers, marketers and developers will collaborate to provide the best service, on time and within budget, for your company’s next launch into the app arena.

Lucy Clark designed the channel sliders in collaboration with the client Daniel Armendariz at  She has consulted on the UI for their web channels.  (Hispanic Business TV an online Spanish network website)

Boulder, CO Studio Addition

News Update: Lucy Clark Communications, Inc, (formerly Beebe Communications, Inc) is pleased to announce a studio expansion!
In addition to our Maryland location, we now offer full studio services in Denver, Colorado. New regional promotions have landed two new clients in Colorado, and the Maryland studio has two new prestigious clients in Maryland while partnering with Doyle Communications, Inc.

We are also pleased to meet with the Chamber of Commerce in Superior, CO.

Lucy is currently working with Cracker Barrel, Gibby’s Seafood, Bag Arts, and The International Spy Museum on new e-commerce website and reusable bag designs.

Daniel Sternklar and Lucy Ann Clark collaborating on projects in Towson, MD
Daniel Sternklar and Lucy Ann Clark collaborating on web development & a new virtual 3D app.



ASBC Infographic Animation

New work posted to for the American School Bus Council.

ASBC provided this to say about the infographic promotional video.

‘Parents must take an active role in their children’s transportation decisions. The yellow school bus is the safest way to get to and from school and a vital part of our education system. We hope parents learn why a discussion on student transportation is a discussion worth having.’

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This project was coordinated with TMNcorp and Colleen Doyle, Lead Creative Director
Lucy Clark video editing, animation, Adobe Premiere and After Effects programming.

Web Designer and Programmer Synergy

Seven key relationships in business

A smooth, flowing website design starts with the collaboration of designer and programmer.  This relationship is symbiotic and sometimes chaotic, but never the less, huge in a business development processes.  It begins with a solid team where mutual respect, joint inspiration, detailed communication and freedom to innovate merge to produce a rich, fresh marketing presence.

In business, the client/committee, bookkeeper, copy/content writer and photographer are four given parts of the web development process. The last, and I feel perhaps the least, recognized component is ‘fun’.  Working with Lucy Clark’s team will enable you to have time to do what you do best and enjoy the process.


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