ASBC Infographic Animation

New work posted to for the American School Bus Council.

ASBC provided this to say about the infographic promotional video.

‘Parents must take an active role in their children’s transportation decisions. The yellow school bus is the safest way to get to and from school and a vital part of our education system. We hope parents learn why a discussion on student transportation is a discussion worth having.’

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This project was coordinated with TMNcorp and Colleen Doyle, Lead Creative Director
Lucy Clark video editing, animation, Adobe Premiere and After Effects programming.

Web Designer and Programmer Synergy

Seven key relationships in business

A smooth, flowing website design starts with the collaboration of designer and programmer.  This relationship is symbiotic and sometimes chaotic, but never the less, huge in a business development processes.  It begins with a solid team where mutual respect, joint inspiration, detailed communication and freedom to innovate merge to produce a rich, fresh marketing presence.

In business, the client/committee, bookkeeper, copy/content writer and photographer are four given parts of the web development process. The last, and I feel perhaps the least, recognized component is ‘fun’.  Working with Lucy Clark’s team will enable you to have time to do what you do best and enjoy the process.


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Co-Manager of Bmore Creatives

Lucy Clark has been involved in the Baltimore graphic design community for many years. 
Recently she has been giving back to the community an active member of B’More Creatives. Her love and enthusiasm for the groups mission has lead to her becoming a co-manager this past year. She handles membership and helps to coordinate promoting the group via social networking and meet-ups when she is in Baltimore, MD.

Bmore Creatives is an interactive online group for women in and around the world of Graphic Design. It’s open for women, in all stages of their school or work careers, to come together, network and learn from each other while having a bit of fun too. Whether a graphic designer, photographer, writer, print rep, paper rep, entertainment organizer or another creative profession, this group allows an opportunity to listen and learn from each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Bmore Creatives group site logo

Click on the link above to join the group which welcomes individual solo designers as well as creatives in agencies, design studios, print foundries, etc. Stop by and say hello in the virtual water cooler.





Creative Design, Print and Marketing Studio

The creative founder of Beebe Communications, since 1992, Lucy Clark, is launching, and renaming the company to Lucy Clark Communications, Inc. Utilizing the ever popular and powerful CMS (Content Management System) we’re now able to offer a responsive layout for mobile devices, iPhone and iPad.
This variation of new media will enable rich portfolio tools, faster updates, social media linking, and of course blogging capabilities. Imagine the ease with which you can enable web edits for your business as simply as you type an email with this cost saving content management system.
Lucy has been working for over 15 years to promote companies online with stunning web graphics, streamlined communication of an entire website, animated corporate videos and related printed components.

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Contact Lucy Clark between 9am to 6pm, M-F, MST, 443.996.6374 with requests for a project quote. Over 25 years with Beebe Communications providing logos, digital or printed brochures, websites and brand identities. Providing solutions for any number of corporate and product promotions from Advertising, Packaging, Sampling and Interactive Videos.