About Me

As a writer, artist and spiritual seeker, I’ve been on this creative multi-fold path since college. For over 20 years I’ve guided and mentored entrepreneurs to realize their website, products, and services. I thrive in my personal life and seek to be the best version of myself. I love to learn new technologies and pass along that tech training to my clients as I embrace my inner geek. My biggest boost toward living my dream life began when I became a certified yoga instructor and yoga studio owner. Those lessons still serve me as I’m brainstorming in boardrooms to meditating on the trail during adventure yoga pursuits. My confidence in content strategy, storytelling and the authentic pursuit of my passions even in the most challenging times have come to fruition after some life-defining severe moments.

From my high-speed motorcycle accident where I almost lost my life, I’ve been driven to do more with what I have to offer. To go beyond graphic design and bring my yoga teaching certification to a higher purpose. After years of success as a creative director with my agency, I’m living my dream by guiding soloprenuers to get them unstuck, live their most authentic life and grow their business online.

After surviving my divorce of 20 years and at the same time losing my best friend and partner in business, I came to know that I was presented an ‘opportunity’ to live truly. I took that opening clarity to motivate me to travel the world. I capitalized on my yogic skills and learned to move past my fear of heights. I’ve climbed the Alps in France, and when the weather didn’t cooperate, I climbed the gyms in England and Germany. I’ve paddled the mangrove estuaries of Costa Rica, surfed the pacific ocean, and soaked my soul in the geothermal heated Blue Lagoon of Iceland. My adventures have ranged from complete luxury to practical frugality while touring six countries of Europe.

When I’m not delving deep into user interface design and research, creating educational videos, traveling or practicing yoga, you’ll find me in Lafayette Colorado with my two cats, Vincent and Vegas. I love gardening, sewing and most of all inspiring others to live the life of their dreams.

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